Grants and outside scholarships

Grants are need-based funding for your education, available to make sure that you get the best education possible, no matter the sticker price of your college. You receive scholarships for a job well done, no matter what your family can contribute to your education.

Work study employment

Many Cornell students offset their college expenses with work study jobs across campus ranging from food service to photography to computer support. The college supports about 500 work study positions each year.


Loans are funding that you will pay back after you leave Cornell. Information about the laws surrounding loans can be found in the Cornell College Code of Conduct for Loans or the NASFAA Code of Conduct and Statement of Ethical Principles.

Tuition exchange programs 

Cornell College participates in the ACM Tuition Exchange and the National Tuition Exchange programs. These programs are open to students whose parents are employed at other colleges or universities.