Receipt of Electronic Notification

Electronic Notification Policy
The main method the Financial Assistance Office utilizes to communicate all facets of the student’s financial assistance information is through campus e-mail and the student portal (self-service).
Students may access their financial assistance information through the self-service portal at the following link:

If you do not want your financial assistance information sent to you electronically, please visit the financial aid office to request the information be distributed to you in paper format.

This is a reminder that information distributed electronically on campus has the same status as information distributed on paper. This includes financial aid award letters, any/all financial aid documents, any/all statements from the business services office, announcements, course business, requests for information, distribution of minutes, arrangements for meetings, and any/all other communications.

All faculty, staff, and students should read and respond to their e-mail regularly, as least once each day when on campus. You should also be prepared to use a Web browser to access official college information posted on the Cornell web site.

Safeguarding confidential information in electronic processes Policies regarding electronic security on campus can be found on the Information Technology website:
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Acknowledgement of receipt


Miscellaneous Charges Authorization

Federal regulations require that Cornell College collect your signature if you wish to allow your Federal Direct Stafford Loan funds, including Parent PLUS loans, to cover miscellaneous charges on the student account. Miscellaneous charges may include any minor prior year balance, parking fees, bookstore charges, library fines or other related charges. Sign below if you wish to allow your Federal Direct Stafford Loan funds to cover these miscellaneous charges. If you choose not to sign below, it is possible that you would receive a refund and still owe a balance to Cornell that would be due and payable immediately. This authorization is rescindable at any time by sending written notice to the office of financial assistance.


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