Attending college is a shared investment. You invest in your Cornell College education and your future, and we invest in you. We are committed to working individually with families to make a Cornell education as affordable as possible.

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Tuition, room, and board

The annual fees and charges for a student attending Cornell College in 2017-18 total approximately $49,990. This total includes tuition ($40,655), room ($4,200) and board ($4,910), and student fees ($225). More about tuition and fees

Cornell scholarships

Once you’ve been accepted at Cornell, we start working to make attending as affordable as possible. Academic scholarships range from $10,000 to full tuition. We also offer attractive fine arts scholarships, which are available to students regardless of major. 

$20,000 scholarship for Iowa students

Qualified Iowa high school students will receive a $20,000 Promise Scholarship for Iowans. Renewable for four years, the $80,000 financial aid awards are designed to make a great educational value even more affordable for Iowa students.

Estimate your costs

To get the full picture of your cost to attend Cornell College, we encourage you to complete each section of your Net Price Calculator. You can use this tool as often as you like, so if you're unsure of some of your family's financial information, make a good guess and then come back to try again later. At the end of each step, you can have the results you'll see on your screen e-mailed to yourself or another family member.  

Other types of assistance

There are several options for you to fund your Cornell education. We offer merit-based scholarships, and most Cornell students receive federal grants, state of Iowa grants, or outside scholarships. We also offer a payment plan, and Cornell students have the option to offset their college expenses through work-study jobs, many of which have the dual benefit of providing valuable resume-building experiences. More about other types of assistance

Additional information

Please review our Financial Assistance Handbook for details on Cornell financial assistance programs and policies. We have also compiled answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about financial assistance.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us any time.