Summer 2015 chemistry research students and faculty.

Faculty and students in the Cornell Chemistry Department have a long tradition of collaborative research. Most of our research takes place in the summer, and we support a number of ongoing projects that are described on our faculty page. Research teams are small, and students receive both professional guidance and access to professional equipment.

We also encourage students to pursue research opportunities at other schools in the summer. And we maintain a relationship with the Oak Ridge Science Semester, a program that allows for a semester-long research experience.

Student Symposium and ACS conferences

Each year, Cornell students present the results of their research at the Cornell College Student Symposium. Examples of their abstracts can be found on the chemistry symposium page. Chemistry students also frequently present their research at regional or national meetings of the American Chemical Society.

Research funding and support 

Alumni of the department have contributed the endowed Deskin Fund, named for Professor Emeritus Bill Deskin, a distinguished faculty member, who was instrumental in establishing the research program. This fund is regularly used to support student stipends and, other research needs. Another endowed fund, the Sherman and Vera Shaffer Scientific Instructional Equipment Fund, helps in the purchase of new scientific equipment for all the natural sciences.