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Program overview

Majors: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Minor: Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at Cornell College has been certified by the American Chemical Society for the professional training of chemists at the undergraduate level. In addition to a traditional major in chemistry, we also offer an ACS certified major, and we join with the biology department to support a biochemistry and molecular biology major

We emphasize a broad view of chemistry and its relationship to other disciplines. In particular, we are developing a stronger integration of chemistry and biology concepts through team-taught courses, participation in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, and health-related research projects.

One Course At A Time

Cornell's small class sizes and One Course At A Time schedule allow our classes to become tight learning communities. For eighteen days, you become part of a group learning experience, with significant support from your professors and collaboration with your fellow students.

The block plan also allows us to move from lecture to the lab easily and frequently. And we're not rushed to finish experiments in a narrow window between setup and cleanup -- the lab is ours all day, every day.


Best of all, students have the opportunity to work in small research groups with faculty mentors during the summer or the academic year. Our faculty are all professional scientists with meaningful and varied research interests. But we're also dedicated teachers, and our students are treated as full partners in the research process - giving students an experience much like that of a graduate school research lab.

Frequently asked questions

What can I do with a chemistry major? Why should I study at Cornell? Is One Course At A Time a good way to learn chemistry? We have compiled answers to these and other questions in a set of frequently asked questions.