Rental/Loan Agreement

  • All appointments for pulling, fittings, and/or use of studio space must be schedule 2-3 days in advance through formal phone conversation or e-mail. These appointments will only be made during the scheduled 3PM- 5PM shop hours. (the shop schedule is posted one month in advance, but we reserve the right to change the schedule as needed) Walk-ins will not be helped and will be told to schedule an appointment.
  • All persons borrowing or renting costumes must agree not to alter costumes except in usual ways (i.e hemming, taking in/out dart or seam) the alterations made must be reversible and reversed upon return. Borrower may need to pay or arrange for dry cleaning or laundering at the discretion of designer or shop manager. No dyeing or distressing of costumes is allowed.
  • The costumes designer and/or shop manager reserves the right to suspend loaning/renting during production time of major shows, also during this time period the designer and/or shop manager will not be available for assistance.
  • All costumes pieces must be checked out and checked back in by either the designer or shop manager, by using the appropriate forms (download below).
  • We will not rent or loan:
    • Body forms/mannequins/dress forms
    • Underwear/corsets/bras
    • Studio tools or supplies
    • Period pieces that have been labeled Museum Stock
    • Any item at the Costume Designer or Shop Manager's discretion.

Download the Rental Agreement
Download the Design Worksheet