If you have any questions about the voting process, stop by the Civic Engagement Office for help. We have voter registration and absentee ballot request forms for all states in our office. We can also help you determine registration deadlines and ensure your forms are submitted correctly. Check your voter registration status online to determine if you are already registered or not. Please check any potential address as the database searches by address not by name.

We encourage our students to be educated voters. Vote411 and Ballot Ready have up to date information about election dates, registration deadlines, poll locators, and candidate information based on the voting address you enter. Linn County Election Services has information about voting within Linn County.

To make it easier for students to vote, the Civic Engagement Office is covering postage costs for all voting related materials. You can bring completed forms directly to the Mail Center or to the Civic Engagement Office to get envelopes and postage.

Follow this link to learn more about campus voter engagement policies.