Student Health offers a variety of services, including:

  • evaluation and management of acute and chronic illnesses
  • emergency and injury care assessment
  • seasonal influenza vaccinations
  • health promotion  (weight reduction, nutrition, smoking cessation, fitness, and stress reduction counseling)
  • travel health counseling and vaccines
  • sexual health education (contraceptive counseling, pregnancy testing, and emergency contraception)
  • sexually transmitted disease (STD) education and testing
  • c-Nurse - an online question and answer service
  • campus health education programs

Laboratory Services

The following screening tests are available through the Health Center:

  • strep test
  • mono test
  • dip urinalysis
  • hematocrit
  • pregnancy test
  • blood sugar
  • (availability based on state hygienic lab availability) HIV test
  • (availability based on state hygienic lab availability) STI testing

Other laboratory specimens can be collected at the Health Center and sent to independent laboratories for testing as needed.

Needle Disposal

All individuals using injection needles are required to dispose of them properly to prevent accidental needle sticks and injury to others. On request, sharps containers are available at the Student Health Center.  Sharps containers should be returned to the Student Health Center for proper disposal, and a new one dispensed as needed.  Do not place needles or sharps containers in the trash.


Patients requiring X-rays will be referred through the Health Center to the appropriate medical facility.


If a health problem necessitates further evaluation or treatment that cannot be provided at the Health Center, a referral will be made to a medical provider in Mount Vernon. In some cases an individual may be referred to a specialist in Cedar Rapids or Iowa City.  

Students who are referred to a physician will be charged the physician’s customary office fee.  Payment will be expected at time of service, regardless of insurance coverage.  The medical office will file a claim if the student presents an insurance card.


Campus Safety will transport students to medical appointments in Mount Vernon. A Ride Program is available for out-of-town appointments. To request a ride, students need to come to the Health Center and complete a ride request form at least 2 business days prior to their appointment. 


A limited selection of over-the-counter (OTC) medications such as throat lozenges, decongestants, antihistamines, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and antacids are available at the Health Center. Condoms are free at The Great Barrier Reef located in the Health Center lobby. Prescription medications are called into the Mt. Vernon Pharmacy located at 113 First Street East in Mt. Vernon unless otherwise specified by the student.


Crutches, heating pads and soaking basins are available for loan from the Health Center. Charges will be assigned for late returns or damage of equipment.  Hot/cold packs, elastic wraps and thermometers are available for purchase at reasonable prices.

Service Fees

Fees are charged for the following health services:

  • strep A, mononucleosis and influenza testing
  • flu shots

Fees may be billed to the student's Cornell account. Diagnostic tests sent to an independent laboratory will be billed separately.

Class Absences and Health Withdrawals

The Health Center does not provide medical excuses for missed classes.   Students who know that they will be absent should notify their instructors in advance. Those who are unable to do so because of illness or personal or family crisis should notify their instructors as soon as possible. Instructors will decide on the basis of their explanations whether or not to accommodate them and in what way.

A Withdrawal for Health (WH) can be recommended for documented serious or extended illness. Students requesting a Withdrawal for Health will be considered on an individual basis by the Student Health Staff.  

Consideration for a medical extension may given to students who have missed class due to health reasons. Students must be seen at the Health Center during the time of the illness/injury, or have documentation from another provider, before a medical extension can be recommended.  Permission of the professor must be obtained before an extension will be granted by the College.


All records are maintained in strict confidence and are securely stored. No information is released without the student's written permission.

For more information contact:

Student Health Services, Cornell College, 600 1st. St. SW, Mount Vernon, IA 52314

Phone: (319) 895-4292

Fax: (319) 895-5894