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The following are frequently asked questions about the room selection. Students who still have questions are encouraged to attend a room selection information session (refer to our important dates for any upcoming room selection information sessions). Students can also contact our office.

What do I do if I do not have a roommate?

If you do not have a roommate for next year, contact the Residence Life Office immediately. We will invite you to complete a Roommate Request Form that indicates your building/roommate preferences. You can review any other Roommate Request Forms we have on file. We also encourage you to attend the Roommate Social immediately following the room draw for singles, triples and quads. If either of these options fail to help you find a roommate, then Residence Life will assign you a roommate at the very end of general room draw (refer to the information on general room draw for details). Because of this, we encourage students to use the Roommate Request Forms and/or the Roommate Social to pair off in advance (doing so allows you to use the higher number from numbers draw as opposed to waiting until all other students have selected a room).

What do I do if I'm unable to attend Numbers Draw and/or Room Selection?

You will need a proxy. A proxy is permitted to draw a number for you as long as the proxy has a copy of your ID. A proxy is permitted to select a room for you provided the proxy has a copy of your ID and your Room Selection Pass. To explore other arrangements, contact us prior to Numbers Draw and Room Selection.

Can I change rooms after Room Selection?

No room changes will be permitted for the first semester. Anyone moving into a room other than the room assigned at room draw will lose the privilege of living in that building, will be moved, and will be fined.

How can I be assigned to a Substance Free or co-ed floor?

Students wishing to select a room on a special interest floor may do so during their allotted time. Students selecting rooms on substance free floors will be required to sign an agreement stating they understand and agree to abide by the special policies of the particular floor or building. Students who violate the agreement will be fined, disciplinary action will be taken, and the student may lose the privilege of living in the building and/or on the floor. Students selecting rooms on co-ed floors in Merner will be required to sign an agreement stating they understand that the restrooms are shared by both men and women and acknowledging that they are aware that urinals are also present in these restrooms.

What if I am gone on a trip during first semester?

This year, because of space availability, students on trips Blocks 1 and 2 will be allowed to participate in Room Selection. Students choosing a room will be responsible for room charges even if they have not moved in. Students gone for Blocks 1-4 should not participate in Room Selection, but should fill out a preference form in the Residence Life Office. Trip students will be assigned in December.

I have senior status according to the Registrar. Why do I have junior status in room selection?

Room selection status is not tied to a student's academic classification. Learn how room selection status is determined.