Who should take this test?

You should take the chemistry placement test if you plan to study chemistry, biology, or a related field at Cornell, and you did not earn a score of 4 or 5 on the chemistry AP exam. The chemistry department will use the results of the placement test to determine which of the following courses are the best starting point for you:

  • CHE 121-122: Chemical Principles I and II
  • CHE 161: Accelerated General Chemistry)
  • CHE 111: Chemistry in the Natural World (a refresher course)

Placement for AP students

If you scored a 5 on the chemistry AP test, you do not need to take the chemistry placement test; you will receive credit for CHE 161. If you scored a 4, plan to enroll in CHE 161 without taking the placement test. If you scored a 3 or lower (or did not take the chemistry AP test), take the placement test.

Placement for general science courses

If you are considering taking only a single chemistry course as part of your general education, plan to take CHE 111 (Chemistry in the Natural World) or CHE 108 (Topics in Chemistry). You do not need to take the placement test.

Exam dates and details

  • You should complete the chemistry placement test by August 14
  • You will need a calculator with scientific notation; a graphing calculator may be used but is not necessary
  • Most students will find it helpful to have a pencil and scratch paper handy
  • The exam is available through Admissions on the new student checklist in Slate.
  • Find more general information on placement testing

More information

Please contact Professor Cindy Strong if you have any questions.