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411. Capstone: Seminar
The topic varies, but has traditionally focused on the in-depth study of a literary movement,
genre, author, or theme. Theoretical discourses in French and Francophone studies or cultural
issues are other possible foci for this course. Required of all French majors. Prerequisite:
permission of instructor. Alternate years. NO S/U option.

412. Independent Capstone Research Project
This option is an independent study course, supervised by a French professor. Students must
meet with the professor during the fall semester of their junior year to discuss the expectations
and process of the senior capstone research project. Work should be completed as a one-term
independent study course during the student’s senior year, and will culminate in a research
paper in French. If more than one student chooses to complete an independent capstone
research project in the same year, they may work concurrently during the same block in a
workshop model, discussing their work with both the professor and one another. NO S/U

487. Independent Capstone Research Project
Additional Prerequisites: 3.5 grade point average in French based on a minimum of three 300-
level French courses taken at Cornell College.

988. There are language and culture semester programs in France or Francophone countries
run by the School for International Training. See School for International Training Programs.

990. Semester in Paris
Cornell students are eligible to participate in Lake Forest College's Paris International
Internship Program, a semester featuring intensive language study, culture, and an internship.
For further information, see

991. Semester in Paris
Cornell students are eligible to participate in Central College’s Paris program, a semester
featuring intensive language study, culture, and the option of either an internship or service-
learning opportunity. For further information, see

German Studies (GER)

Major: A minimum of nine course credits, which include:

1. GER 205; two courses from 301, 302, or 311; and Capstone Course 485;
2. A minimum of two GER literature, culture or history courses conducted in English or in

    German at or above the 300 level;
3. A minimum of three course credits in German or related areas approved beforehand by the

    Department as relevant to the major.

Teaching Certification: Students who are interested in pursuing K-12 certification to teach
German should seek admission to the Teacher Education Program. See the Education
department section for application and certification information (pages 109-111).

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