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326. Organic Chemistry II Lecture
Continuation of CHE 225. Methods of synthesis and the reactions of organic compounds.
Prerequisite: CHE 225. (Science)

327. Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Practical laboratory aspects of organic chemistry. Isolation and purification of substances; one-
step transformations of substances; and, possibly, synthesis projects. Prerequisite: CHE 326.
(Laboratory Science)

328. Advanced Organic Chemistry
Selected advanced topics of reaction mechanisms or syntheses of organic compounds.
Prerequisite: CHE 327. Not offered every year. (Laboratory Science)

333. Advanced Analytical Chemistry
Theory of analytical chemistry with an emphasis on instrumental methods. Prerequisites: CHE
202, CHE 323, and CHE 327. Not offered every year. (Laboratory Science)

334. Biochemistry
Cellular metabolism, with emphasis on energy extraction pathways and energy homeostasis.
The approach is primarily mechanistic with a quantitative discussion of kinetics, free-energy
changes, and the electrochemistry of electron transport chains. Prerequisites: BIO 205, CHE
202, and CHE 327. (Laboratory Science)

335. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Properties of inorganic compounds with emphasis on theories of bonding and the chemistry of
coordination compounds. Prerequisites: CHE 323 and CHE 327. Not offered every year.
(Laboratory Science)

339. Advanced Physical Chemistry
Quantum mechanics, symmetry and group theory, applications of thermodynamics, and
selected topics. Study of current research literature in physical chemistry. Emphasis on both
formal and informal methods of communication in science. Prerequisite: CHE 324. Not offered
every year. (Laboratory Science)

485. Chemical Research
Research in selected areas of chemistry. Prerequisite: a 300-level course in Chemistry
and permission of instructor.

511. Extended Research in Chemistry (1/4)
Reading coupled with research on a specialized topic. This adjunct course must be taken over
four successive terms. Prerequisites: departmental GPA of 3.0 or higher, prior completion of one
course in the Department at or above the 200 level, and permission of instructor. (CR)

512. Reading and Conversation in Chemistry (1/4)
Reading and discussion of current articles, historical texts, or general interest books about
chemistry. Readings are selected in consultation with the participating students. Course meets
weekly for one semester. (CR)

963. Oak Ridge Science Semester: see Cornell-Approved Domestic Off-Campus Programs.

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