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To be considered for the Dean's List, students must earn grade point credit in at least four
Blocks during the semester (Blocks One through Four for the first semester, Blocks Five through
Eight for the second semester) and must not earn any grades of F, NC, W, or WR, nor have an
unresolved Incomplete on their record at the time the Dean's List is calculated. Grades earned in
music lessons and ensembles are also calculated (except that the grade in MUS 701 is not


The College confers degrees in May, August, and at the end of block 4; Commencement
exercises, however, are held only in the spring following Block Eight. All candidates for
graduation are required to attend the Spring Commencement unless granted permission by the
Dean of the College to be graduated in absentia.

Students must file an application for graduation (see "General Requirements for Degree
Programs," Paragraphs 2 and 3). Transcripts of work taken at other schools before September of
a student's senior year and statements of confirmation or exemption requested during the
Senior Conference must be received by the Registrar before December 31 if they are to be
credited toward the student's graduation during that academic year.

Candidates who are not enrolled in the year in which they expect to receive their degree must
notify the Registrar's Office before March 1 of their intention to be graduated. If there are any
transcripts or other kinds of documentation needed to complete their degree requirements, the
Registrar will specify the deadline. Seniors on off-campus programs that do not issue final
grades before Cornell's deadline must necessarily postpone their graduation until August. Even
though a student may complete their requirements immediately after Commencement, the
degree will not be conferred, nor the diploma awarded, retroactively.

         Participating in Commencement as a Non-Graduate

         Students may request to participate in Commencement activities if, at the end of Block 8
         of their senior year, they:

         1. (a) are within 2 courses of completing their degree requirements, or (b) have only
              student teaching and their education seminar remaining;

         2. Have earned at least 29 course credits;

         3. have a grade point average of 2.0 or higher; and,

         4. have paid in full the balance on their Cornell accounts.

         In such cases the student receives a blank diploma jacket and is not considered a
         graduate. Students will be awarded their diplomas on the degree conferral date
         immediately following completion of their degree requirements. Students who
         participate in the Commencement exercises as non-graduates may not participate again
         when their degree is actually conferred. To apply for permission from the Academic
         Standing Committee to participate as a non-graduate and to be graduated in August,
         after Block Four, or the following spring, consult the Registrar before March 1.

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