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7. Only courses taken for grade point credit at Cornell College, exclusive of those graded CR, S,
    P, I, IP, AU, NC, W, WH, and WR, are used to compute the student's cumulative grade point
    average. For the student's convenience, this average is printed on the unofficial transcript
    available online. Grade points are assigned according to the following scale:

A = 4.0000   B = 3.0000                     C = 2.0000   D = 1.0000
A- = 3.7000  B- = 2.7000                    C- = 1.7000  D- = 0.7000
B+ = 3.3000  C+ = 2.3000                    D+ = 1.3000  F = 0.0000

8. Cornell offers a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) option to encourage students to explore
    new academic disciplines, but departments and interdepartmental programs are permitted
    to exclude specific courses from the S/U option by so stating in the course description.
    The S/U option is available to students who have completed a minimum of eight credits
    and must be declared when registering for a course or within the first three days of the
    course. On the 15th day of the Block (normally the third Friday), the student may rescind the
    declaration; if the S/U option is rescinded, the student will receive a grade for the course. No
    more than two full S/U credits may be counted toward satisfying the 31 credits required for
    To exercise this option, students must complete the S/U Form available at the Registrar’s
    office or on the Registrar’s office website and return the form to the Registrar’s Office before
    the end of the third day of the block. When this option has been selected, grades of C or
    above become Satisfactory (S), and grades of C- or below become Unsatisfactory (U). A
    satisfactory performance ensures credit toward graduation but does not affect grade-point
    averages. An unsatisfactory performance does not confer credit, nor does it affect the grade-
    point average. For students who have selected the S/U option, instructors will submit grades
    and the Registrar changes the grade appropriately.

9. The cumulative grade point average is calculated by dividing the total number of grade
    points earned by the total number of courses taken for grade point credit (including courses
    graded F). The cumulative grade point average is calculated to four decimal places and is not
    rounded. The student's final cumulative grade point average is determined at graduation,
    and will not be affected by grades subsequently earned, should the student return to Cornell.

10. Certain courses of the type listed below are graded either as Credit (CR) if the instructor
    certifies that the student has done work of "C" quality or better, or as No Credit (NC) if the
    student fails to achieve the minimum standard. All work transferred from other institutions,
    all credits earned by examinations or advanced placement, all courses numbered in the
    900s, and certain other courses identified in this Catalogue by the notation (CR) at the end
    of their description are automatically recorded as Credit/No Credit. A few courses offer the
    student, with the approval of the instructor, the choice of a regular grade or Credit/No
    Credit, and these are marked with (OP) at the end of their description.

11. The grades earned in off-campus courses numbered in the 900s are recorded on the
    student's transcript as CR/NC, but are never computed into the student's Cornell grade point

12. Grades are reported by the Registrar to the student and the academic advisor. At the end of

    each Block, the student's grade report is available on-line.

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