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• 4 semester hours (s.h.) or 6 quarter hours (q.h.) equal 1 Cornell credit.
• Only transfer courses of 3 or more s.h. or 4 or more q.h. may be used to satisfy a

    major or general education requirement for the B.A. or B.Mus. degree.
• The following caps are placed on transfer credits:

Credit Type        Maximum Number of Credits        Cornell
                   Accepted                         Equivalent
Community college  64 semester hours or 96 quarter  16 course credits
Dual enrollment*   24 semester hours or 36 quarter  6 course credits
* Includes Post-Secondary Educational Opportunity (PSEO) credits.


• A letter grade of “C” or higher is required to earn transfer credit. Grades of “C-” and
    below will not earn transfer credit.

• Grades do not transfer to Cornell College and are not used in the calculation of a
    student’s Cornell grade point average.


• Transfer work must be relevant to the curricular program at Cornell College.
• To receive specific course credit, transferred courses must be substantially similar to

    Cornell College courses.
• Transfer courses must be significantly different from previous coursework and must

    not regress from previous coursework.
• Courses accepted by transfer do not necessarily satisfy the requirements for a major

    unless they are approved by the Cornell department concerned. Students should
    confer with the chair of their major department to determine whether their
    transferred courses may be applied to their major.

Post-Matriculation Transfer Credits

In addition to the above guidelines, the following stipulations apply to students after
they have begun coursework at Cornell:

• Advance approval for transfer credit is required. Approval must be secured prior to

taking the course via the Petition for Transfer of Credit form available from the


• To ensure that work to be completed elsewhere will be accepted as a course (or

credit) counting toward graduation, toward a major, or toward fulfillment of a

general education requirement, students should consult with the relevant academic


• Students are permitted to receive credit for courses taken at other institutions during

Cornell’s academic year (September through May) only if they have:

1. junior or senior standing,

2. a grade point average of at least 2.5, and

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