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Student Classification and Class Rank

1. All degree candidates are promoted at the end of each academic year according to the

following scale:

Number of Course Credits Earned             Class Standing
0 – 6.75                                    First Year
7 – 13.75                                   Sophomore
14 – 22.75                                  Junior
23 - Senior

2. At the end of each semester, the Registrar's Office ranks students within their class
    according to their cumulative grade point average, e.g., a senior ranked "10/200" would be
    the 10th highest in a class of 200 seniors. A student's class rank is available upon request.
    Students who are graduated with fewer than 16 credits earned in courses taken for grade
    point credit at Cornell will not be ranked. Also, students who participate in Commencement
    and later graduate will not be ranked.

The student's final cumulative grade point average and class ranking (if applicable) is
determined at graduation and will not be affected by any grades subsequently earned should the
student return to Cornell.

Credit by Transfer

Cornell College accepts transfer credit for work completed by a student at an accredited
institution or program. The following guidelines are used in the transfer and awarding of
academic credit:

         Institutions and Transcripts

Transfer credit must come from a regionally accredited, degree-granting college or
university (including community colleges) or an international university of comparable
accreditation. The Registrar is responsible for evaluating all transfer credit completed
prior to matriculation at Cornell.

• The credit must be documented on an official college transcript sent directly from the
    credit-granting institution to the Registrar at Cornell College. Course
    descriptions/syllabi for each course may also be requested.

• Transfer credit is always evaluated on a course by course basis, unless the
    transferring institution has entered into an articulation agreement with Cornell

• Courses taken while a student is still enrolled in secondary school (e.g., dual
    enrollment) must meet the guidelines outlined in this policy.

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