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4. Students who attend a course for which they are not registered must petition to request to
    add the course late; such permission is not necessarily granted.

5. Students who wish to audit a course must declare their intention to the instructor at the very
    beginning of the Block (see "Auditing Courses").

6. Withdrawal between the 4th and 14th day of the Block is possible only when recommended
    by the instructor. The instructor may release a student if the instructor believes that the
    student, when compared with the others in the class, has not had adequate preparation or is
    deficient in a skill essential for success in the course. The instructor must describe the
    student's problem in a letter to the Academic Standing Committee and also certify that the
    student attended faithfully and tried to do the work assigned. The student receives a grade of

7. On the 15th day of the Block (normally the third Friday) in which the course is taught, a
    student may withdraw and receive a grade of W for a course by (1) obtaining the Drop/Add
    Form from the Registrar's Office, (2) securing the signatures of the instructor and the
    academic advisor, and (3) returning the form to the Registrar's Office before 4:00 p.m. that
    day. The instructor should agree to sign the form if and only if the student (a) has complied
    fully with the instructor's attendance policy, (b) has taken all the tests and turned in all the
    papers or projects that were due by the 15th day, and (c) has made, in the opinion of the
    instructor, a determined effort to learn the material, complete the work, and participate in
    the class.

8. Students on Probation or Probationary Suspension, however, are not permitted to withdraw
    from a course without permission from the Academic Standing Committee. They must file a
    petition with their Drop/Add Form on the 15th day, but continue in the course pending the
    Committee's decision. The Committee will evaluate the petition not only on the grounds
    listed in item 6 above for a particular course, but also on the basis of the student's entire
    academic record.

9. A withdrawal for health or family emergency (grade of WH) may be given by the Academic
    Standing Committee upon petition, or by the Registrar acting as the Committee's agent,
    when a student is ill or has a personal crisis or family emergency, such that completing the
    course by taking an Incomplete (see "Grades," item 4) would not be feasible. The student
    should submit a petition for a WH. The course instructor and the academic advisor must
    sign the petition, acknowledging that they have been notified of the student's intention. Both
    the course instructor and academic advisor are encouraged to submit a statement indicating
    whether they support the petition or not, and why. For a WH, a signature alone shall not be
    interpreted as endorsement of the petition.
    a. Any petition based upon medical or psychological conditions must be supported by a
         written statement from an appropriate health professional stating the problem; the dates
         when the student was examined, treated, or counseled; and the recuperative difficulties,
         if any.
    b. Students who claim a personal or family emergency may be asked to provide
         documentation and to account for the entire time during which they say they were, or
         will be, unable to attend classes or to study.
    c. Cornell counselors and health professionals will not normally issue a recommendation
         for a withdrawal unless the student has consulted them at or near the onset of the

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