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Committee. The original grade earned remains on the transcript and is not replaced by the
    subsequent grade, as in [1]. A repeated course does not gain the student an additional course
    credit toward graduation, unless the course description indicates that it may be repeated.
3. Adjunct courses, music lessons and music ensembles are exceptions to the above rule and
    may be repeated every semester unless it is stated otherwise in their descriptions.
4. Students who have received credit by examination or transfer will lose this credit if they take
    a course at Cornell that is the same as or similar to the examination or transferred course. In
    general, all introductory courses in the same academic discipline are considered to be
    similar even though their titles or actual contents may vary. Students who believe that their
    two courses are significantly different should consult the department chair for permission to
    receive credit for both.

Two Course Credits in One Block

Students are not permitted to earn credit for more than one full Cornell course or two half
Cornell courses per Block. Exceptions to this rule may be granted by the Academic Standing
Committee to seniors who can demonstrate that they will have a minimum of 31 course credits
without the credit for which they are petitioning, and will otherwise qualify for graduation at the
end of the academic year. The additional course must be one needed to complete the student's
major or professional program. No more than two Block credits may be earned in this way, and
neither of these credits may be used to make up course deficiencies in order to yield the
minimum 31 course credits required for graduation. Students granted permission to earn two
Cornell course credits in one Block may not take a vacation Block within that academic year.
Should they do so, the second Block credit will be disallowed and the course will not be recorded
on their transcript.

Adding and Dropping Courses

1. After registration but before the beginning of the Block in which the course is taught, a
    student may drop that course and add another before 4:00 p.m. on the Friday immediately
    preceding that Block. Students are encouraged to discuss course adds/drops with their
    academic advisor before making changes to their schedules.

2. During the first three days of the Block in which the course is taught, a student may drop
    that course and add another course by (1) obtaining the Drop/Add Form from the Registrar's
    Office, (2) securing the signatures of the instructor of the course being dropped, the
    instructor of the course being added, and the academic advisor, and (3) returning the form
    to the Registrar's Office before 4:00 p.m. of the third day (normally the first Wednesday) of
    the Block. Students who drop a course after the first day and cannot add another must
    petition for a reduced load. However, this may impact progress toward graduation (see
    "Satisfactory Academic Progress"). Instructors are not required to add students after the
    course has begun, and permission to add a course is more difficult to obtain after the first
    day, so students should not delay in contacting instructors of courses they wish to add.

3. If a student does not attend or ceases to attend a course for which he or she is registered and
    does not add another course in its place before the end of the third day of the Block, the
    student will be given the grade of WR. Students who receive a grade of WR are charged
    tuition for the course, but they are not eligible for institutional financial aid or VA benefits
    for that Block. Any federal or state financial aid eligibility will be reviewed on a case by case
    basis per federal and state regulations.

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