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Much of a student's business with the College is conducted in writing by means of forms or
petitions requiring the signatures of faculty and staff members. Any form or petition that is
submitted without the appropriate signatures or that contains a signature that is not genuine
will be deemed invalid and the benefit for which it was proffered will be denied or rescinded. In
this event a student may be asked to leave the College.


1. A registration or change of registration becomes official upon being recorded by the
    Registrar's Office in accordance with the regulations and procedures explained below.

2. Enrolled students register in the spring for all Blocks of the following academic year.
    Students admitted at the start of the fall semester with more than 7.0 course credits register
    for the entire year before arriving on campus. All other admitted students register for Block
    One before arriving on campus, Blocks Two through Four on campus during orientation,
    and in October for the remainder of the year. Readmitted students and students admitted
    after Block One should consult with the Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising.
    After registering, students may drop and add courses as described under "Adding and
    Dropping Courses."

3. Registration follows a first-come, first-served process based on number of credits earned.
    Students with at least 21 credits register first, followed by students with at least 11 credits,
    and finally students with 10.99 or fewer credits register last.

4. Failure to register will be interpreted as a tacit declaration of intent to withdraw from the
    College, and the student will become ineligible to return to Cornell for the next academic
    year and to qualify for College housing or Cornell financial aid.

5. Full-time degree candidates must register for eight Blocks and must earn at least seven
    Block credits every academic year during their first, sophomore, and junior years in order to
    remain in good standing. Seniors should register for needed courses and for vacation in the
    remainder of the Blocks that semester. Students who enter after Block One must register for
    all the Blocks remaining in that academic year in order to be considered as making
    satisfactory progress. For an exception to this rule, see "Reduced Programs." This paragraph
    does not apply to Continuing Education students.

6. Students must register for off-campus programs, independent studies, and internships in
    the same way that they register for regular courses.

7. Occasionally courses are taught over two consecutive Blocks (36 class days) under the
    Parallel Format, which permits students to carry two courses concurrently or to take one
    Parallel Course along with an independent study. No credit is given for completing only the
    first Block of a Parallel Course. The regulations and procedures for registering for Parallel
    Courses and for changing such registrations are the same as for single-Block courses with
    the exceptions noted under "Adding and Dropping Courses," item 9. It is not possible to
    combine a Parallel Course with a single-Block course.

8. Other courses may be taught in an alternate format, e.g., two courses offered concurrently
    and as co-requisites or two courses taught consecutively with related topics. Registration
    information for these courses will be available at the time of registration.

9. Before registering for and entering any course, the student is responsible for reading the
    description of that course in this Catalogue or in its supplements. If there is a prerequisite,
    the student must satisfy it before the course begins or must obtain the permission of the
    instructor before entering. Instructors have the right to drop a registered student from their
    course if he or she has not satisfied the prerequisites.

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