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student's Cornell transcript unless he or she pays a processing fee of $100 for each
    course transferred.

Programs Pre-Approved for Funding

Students may apply to have their need-based Cornell funding applied to programs that
have been approved by the Cornell faculty for listing in this Catalogue (approved
programs listed at the end of this section). All applications require a Petition to the
Academic Standings Committee for Off-Campus Study to be completed and submitted to
the Office of International & Off-Campus Studies by the first Monday in December of the
academic year preceding the start of the program. Students who are not approved for
funding by the Academic Standings Committee but who meet eligibility criteria may
petition for an Academic Leave of Absence to participate in an approved off-campus
study program (See Other Off-Campus Study below).

1. Students must be in good financial standing with the college in order to participate in
    pre-approved off-campus programs. Initial financial eligibility will be determined at
    the time the petition is submitted. Final eligibility is determined one month prior to
    the start of the program.

2. Students must have completed at least eight credits prior to program start date.
3. The number given in parentheses after the title indicates the maximum amount of

    course credit that will be awarded by Cornell; however, participants who do not take
    or pass all parts of the program will receive credit only for the work actually
    completed. Normally, students will not receive more course credits than the number
    of Cornell Blocks encompassed in their program.
4. Students approved for funding receive Cornell CR (if C or higher) or NC (see Credit
    by Transfer and Grades). The original grades will appear as annotations on the
    student's Cornell transcript but are not calculated into the student's Cornell grade
    point average.
5. The provider’s application, deposit, letters of recommendation, etc., should not be
    sent to the host institution or sponsoring agency until the student has received
    formal notification from the Academic Standing Committee that he or she has been
    granted funding to participate. Admission to most programs is competitive and
    requires the approval not only of Cornell but also of the host institution.
6. For these programs the College reserves the right to limit the number of students
    and/or the amount of funding per student available for participation in any academic
    year. The Academic Standing Committee considers each petition based on the
    following criteria:
    a. students who have received no prior support through financial aid or Cornell

         funds, including campus programs and scholarships for off-campus study as a
         Cornell student;
    b. students who intend to go off-campus as seniors, as juniors, or as sophomores, in
         that order of preference;
    c. students who apply for ACM-sponsored programs;
    d. the merits of the student's written statement of purpose, in which the student
         describes the features of the program that are of special importance and explains
         how the program relates to the Cornell course of study and to general educational

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