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of the program. The Office of International & Off-Campus Studies will provide
    information to assist students with their inquiries regarding changes to existing flight
6. Students participating in Cornell Off-Campus courses are held to all policies and
    procedures outlined in The Compass as well as any other guidelines outlined by the
    faculty instructor. Faculty instructors, with assistance from appropriate college
    administrators when requested/required, are responsible for evaluating the severity
    of and responding appropriately to all misconduct occurring throughout the duration
    of the off-campus course. Student misconduct on off-campus courses may result in
    verbal warnings, written warnings and/or dismissal from the course. Return travel to
    the college as a result of dismissal from a course is at the student’s expense. Any
    behavior warranting a written warning or dismissal from the course must be reported
    to the Office of International & Off-Campus Studies. Participation in future off-
    campus courses by students who have received written warnings and/or who have
    been dismissed from off-campus courses will not be allowed unless a successful
    agreement is made in a meeting with the student, the faculty instructor, the Dean of
    Students and/or the Office of International & Off-Campus Studies.

Off-Campus Study through Outside Provider

1. Off-Campus Study courses or programs offered by outside providers are numbered in
    the 900s [numbers appear in square brackets at the end of each description], and are
    listed at the end of the Off-Campus Programs section.

2. Students who wish to study off-campus through an outside provider are required to
    submit a Petition to the Academic Standings Committee in care of the Office of
    International & Off-Campus Studies. Students should consult this Catalogue or the
    Office of International & Off-Campus Studies to determine which petition is

3. Upon approval, students must register for the program at the Registrar’s Office as for
    any other course and notify the Registrar whenever there are changes.

4. All courses are considered electives. Students who wish to have one or more of these
    courses count toward fulfilling their B.A. or major requirements must use a Petition
    for Transfer of Credit to obtain written permission from the Cornell department
    concerned and file this petition with the Registrar before beginning the program.

5. If, after a student has been accepted by the host institution, he or she drops out of the
    program, the student is liable for any expenses the student's withdrawal caused the
    host institution, the sponsoring agency, and/or Cornell College. Any student who
    wishes to return to Cornell during the period when he or she was to have been a
    participant in an off-campus program must make arrangements in advance with the
    Division of Student Affairs and the Business Office.

6. Students who choose to be off campus during the second half of their senior year do
    so with the full understanding that they may have to postpone their graduation to
    August or later because Cornell's Commencement may occur earlier than the
    completion of the off-campus program or earlier than the host institution can process
    and forward their transcript to Cornell. The College assumes no responsibility in
    such cases for the student's graduating with her or his class.

7. If, after completing the program, the participant does not re-enroll at Cornell, the
    courses taken and the credits earned in the program will not be recorded on the

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