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• file for candidacy by submitting the Prospectus at any time after October 1 of the sophomore
    year; and

• complete a minimum of 12 course credits after the Prospectus is approved. (Transfer
    students admitted with senior standing must complete a minimum of six course credits.)

The Bachelor of Special Studies degree is defined by the Prospectus, a detailed plan outlining the
student's B.S.S. degree program. The Prospectus incorporates a narrative description of the
program and a chronology of courses that will be taken by the student to fulfill the goals
outlined in the narrative description. The Prospectus is to be written by the student, reviewed
and signed by a faculty committee composed of a primary advisor and two readers, and filed
with the Registrar, who verifies that it is complete and that it meets current academic
regulations as set forth by the Faculty. The signed Prospectus is considered an agreement

between the student and the College.

Course changes that involve substitution of courses accomplishing the same goals as courses
originally projected require only an add/drop form as documentation of the changes. However,
significant deviations from the program outlined in the Prospectus must be justified in a letter to
the Registrar written by the student and approved by the student's B.S.S. faculty committee
before the student may change the agreement. Significant deviations would include:

• a shift in emphasis or direction of the program of study;

• the addition or deletion of a major or minor;

• a decrease in the ratio of upper-level to lower-level courses; or

• the substitution of three or more independent studies or internships for scheduled courses.

If you have questions concerning the Bachelor of Special Studies degree, please contact the
Registrar or your academic advisor.

Instructions and General Information for Students Contemplating
the Bachelor of Special Studies

1. Obtain a copy of the guidelines for the Narrative and the Chronology at the end of
    your first or the beginning of your second year (available in the Registrar's Office and
    on the web site at

2. Discuss your proposed B.S.S. program with your advisor or one or more members of
    the faculty.

3. Choose a committee of three faculty members including a primary advisor who will
    help you create your B.S.S. program and two faculty readers who, along with your
    primary advisor, will review and sign your Prospectus. The primary advisor and
    faculty readers must either be members of the full-time teaching faculty or part-time
    members who have been selected by the Department or Program to advise B.S.S.
    students. Some departments may choose certain members to advise all of their B.S.S.
    students. If you declare one or more majors, your primary advisor must be a member
    of a department in which you will have a major.

4. In conjunction with your primary advisor, begin planning your B.S.S. program prior
    to registering for your junior year. Write a 500-1,000 word Narrative and complete
    the Chronology. Rewrite until your primary advisor gives initial approval to your

5. Circulate your Prospectus to two faculty readers and schedule a group meeting with
    your primary advisor and your two faculty readers. After this review, your faculty

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