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382. Counseling and Psychotherapy
Major theories of therapy and counseling. Views of practitioners and theorists of various
orientations. Prerequisite: any 200-level Psychology course. Recommended prerequisite: PSY
279. (Social Science)

383. Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
Mind and body are inextricably linked, interacting in complex ways to contribute jointly to
illness, disease, health, and well-being. Thus, the study of the mind (i.e., Psychology) has been
integrated with the study of physical health (i.e., Medicine) to create the closely related fields of
Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. The purpose of this course is two-fold: 1) to
comprehend and integrate psychological and biomedical knowledge in order to better
understand health and illness, and 2) to examine social and behavioral aspects that contribute to
physical health and well-being. Prerequisites: PSY 161 and any 200-level Psychology course.

Research Methods is recommended. (Social Science)

386. Adult Development and Aging
Cognitive, social, and personality development from early through late adulthood. Themes of
continuity and change in examining issues of family, work, gender, biological changes, and
death and bereavement. Prerequisite: any 200-level Psychology course. Alternate years. (Social


392. Research Methods II
Advanced research design with a focus on factorial designs, mixed factorial designs, advanced
quasi-experimental, and qualitative research designs. Advanced univariate statistical analyses
(two-way ANOVA, two-way repeated measures ANOVA, two-way mixed factorial ANOVA,
multiple regression, mediation, moderation, and introductory factor analysis). Execution of all
aspects of the research process including a literature search, hypothesis development, data
collection, data analysis, and manuscript writing in APA style. Professional and ethical issues
will also be addressed. Prerequisites: PSY 161, PSY 292, STA 201 or STA 347-348. (Social


395. Human Services Practicum and Seminar
Supervised full-time internship in a human service context and a weekly seminar. Group
discussions of current issues in the field such as cultural and gender diversity, ethics,
professional practice challenges, and the role of research in practice. Students must provide
their own transportation and purchase professional liability insurance through the American
Psychological Association. Prerequisites: three Psychology courses, declared Psychology major,

junior standing, and permission of instructor. No S/U option. (CR)

483. Senior Seminar
Each participant chooses a topic within psychology to be explored through periodic
presentations and discussion. A paper critically reviewing research and theorizing on the topic
chosen. Group discussions of current issues in the field such as gender and cultural diversity in
psychology, the balance between research and clinical practice in professional development, and

animal welfare. Prerequisites: PSY 392. No S/U option.

485. Research in Psychology

Reading in depth on a topic in a selected area and the pursuit of an empirical problem related to

the topic. May be repeated for credit to a maximum in both PSY 485 and PSY 511 of three course


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