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EGR 271: Engineering Thermodynamics
Thermodynamics is the study of energy and its conversion to other forms, notably work and
heat. Topics include internal energy, enthalpy, entropy and temperature; the first and second
laws of thermodynamics; combustion, cyclic processes, engines, efficiency and refrigeration;
heat transfer. Practical applications of thermodynamics are also discussed, including power
generation, pollution and waste control, materials science and chemical engineering.
Prerequisite: PHY 161, CHE 121 or 161.

EGR 311: Engineering Circuits
Electronic circuits are found in computers, TVs, cell phones, and many other modern electrical
appliances. This course teaches both the principles of electrical circuits as well as the
mathematical techniques used to model and analyze circuit behavior. Topics include Kirchhoff's
laws, Thévenin and Norton equivalents, small-signal models, time-domain and frequency-
domain analyses, Laplace transforms, logic circuits, and operational amplifiers. Prerequisite:
PHY 162

EGR 331: Engineering Materials
It's essential for engineers to understand the properties of materials used in designs: how
materials behave under different environmental conditions, and how they fail. Students will
study the mechanical, electrical, optical, chemical, and physical properties of materials including
metals, glass and ceramics, polymers and composites. Changes in materials as a function of
temperature are covered as well as stress and strain. Prerequisite: EGR 231

EGR 332: Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
An introduction to the effects of forces on solid bodies. Structures will be analyzed under axial,
shear, torsional, and bending loads. Students learn to assess structures in terms of stress,
strain, and deflection under the various types of loading. The course emphasizes individual and
group problem-solving. Students apply course concepts to build and evaluate their own
structures during hands-on design projects. Prerequisite: EGR 231 and MAT 122.

EGR 336: Topics in Engineering
See Topics Courses.

EGR 346: Fluid Mechanics
An introduction to the mechanics of liquids and gases. Topics include fluid statics; differential
analysis of fluid motion; dimensional analysis and similarity; thermophysics of fluids;
incompressible fluids and viscosity. Applications of fluids to engineering include aerodynamics,
propulsion systems, open-channel flow, and piping systems. Prerequisite: EGR 231,EGR 271 and
MAT 236

EGR 361: Signals and Systems Analysis
Linear systems and signal analysis are fundamental to engineering. Examples including signal
transmission, signal processing, and the design of feedback and control systems. Topics covered
include discrete and continuous linear time-invariant systems, Fourier analysis, Laplace and Z
transforms, modulation, sampling, feedback and control. Prerequisite: EGR 311

EGR 385: Engineering Design Project
Students work on a design project in a small group to formulate an engineering solution to a
real-world problem. Specific projects will be chosen in an area of the student’s interest with

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