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202. Statistical Methods II
A continuation of STA 201, Statistical Methods I. This course will explore in more depth several
methods of analyzing data. Topics covered include linear regression (simple and multivariate),
ANOVA (one- and two-way), and logistic regression (simple and multivariate). Prerequisite:

STA 201.

255-260. Topics in Statistics
See Topics Courses.

347-348. Mathematical Statistics I and II
Typically the first term covers probability, random variables, sampling distributions and
collecting data. The second term covers theory of estimation and hypothesis testing, linear and
multiple regression, analysis of variance, and techniques for categorical data. The second term
also includes a substantial data analysis project including written and verbal presentations.

Prerequisites: MAT 122 and 221. Alternate years.

390. Individual Project

Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEM)

Advisor: Michelle Herder

The Medieval and Early Modern Studies Program and the courses that make up its offerings are
designed to help students gain an awareness of the interconnectedness of historical, cultural,
and artistic developments in Europe from the eighth through the seventeenth centuries. Courses
offered range from the study of revolutions in religious belief to the impact of the printing press
on literature and culture, from artistic representations of she-devils to the writings of political
and moral philosophers, from Charlemagne to Falstaff. Students may develop an individualized
major in Medieval and Early Modern Studies by following the recommendations given below
and filing with the Registrar a Contract for an Individualized Major. See Declaration of Degree
Candidacy, Majors, and Minors.

A total of nine credits, distributed in the following manner:

1. A minimum of eight course credits from at least four departments, distributed between the
    following two categories. Of these eight, no more than four courses may be in a single


a. History, Philosophy, and Religion -

At least three courses selected from among the following: HIS 101 (Europe: 800-1300),

102 (Europe: 1300-1700), 304 (Europe: the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries), 317

(The Crusades), 319 (Women in Medieval Europe), 320 (Persecution, Tolerance and

Minorities in Medieval Europe); PHI 304 (Modern Philosophy: Seventeenth Century);
REL 354 (The Protestant Revolution); or, with the approval of the student's Medieval

and Early Modern Studies advisor, other appropriate courses from History, Philosophy,

and Religion.

b. Literature and the Arts -

At least three courses selected from among the following: ART 256 (Italian Renaissance

Art: Art, Architecture, and Humanism), 257 (Medusa's Gaze: Art in the Age of Galileo),
361 (Saints and She-Devils); ENG 321 (Studies in Medieval English Literature), 322
(Medieval and Renaissance Drama: Shakespeare's Rivals), 323 (Shakespeare I: Comedies

and Romances), 324 (Shakespeare II: Histories and Tragedies), 325 (Studies in

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