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361-364. Advanced Topics in Mathematics
A proof-oriented topic in mathematics. See Topics Courses. Prerequisite: MAT 301.

485. Senior Capstone Project
Research on a subject or problem selected by the student and approved by Mathematics and
Statistics faculty. Guidance and feedback on the completion of a culminating paper that will
serve as a component of the capstone experience for the Mathematics and Statistics major. In
addition to consulting with the instructor on the final written project, students will spend class
time presenting their progress to classmates, sharing and developing ideas, answering
questions, and overcoming difficulties about their research. No S/U option. Prerequisite: MAT
502 Capstone Preparation.

502. Capstone Preparation (1/4)
Guidance through the process of choosing a topic for the Senior Capstone Project in
Mathematics and Statistics, and writing a proposal for the project that is acceptable to the
faculty in the department. Common readings in current literature in mathematics and statistics
also will be assigned. This adjunct course must be taken over Terms 1-4. Students will meet with
the instructor for approximately 2.5 hours per block. Students will have brief meetings with
course instructors and will also work individually on proposals. The total time commitment will
not exceed 6 hours per block.

511. Extended Research in Mathematics (1/4)
Developing and proving statements in an interesting area of mathematics which are original to
the student. Must be taken over four consecutive terms. Prerequisites: CSC 151, MAT 122, a GPA
in the department of 3.0 or higher, and permission of instructor. No more than one course
credit of MAT 511 can be earned.

701. Mathematics and Statistics Culture Points
Completion of 30 mathematics and statistics culture points. Points will be accumulated
throughout a student’s career at Cornell College. MAT 701 will appear on the transcript
following the semester when the total number of completed points is at least 30. Zero course
credit is awarded. For a list of how points can be earned, please see Html

702. Applied Mathematics Minor Essay
Completion of a short reflective essay detailing how the applied math minor has completmented
other courses at Cornell approved by faculty in Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
Prerequisites: Completion of at least 4 course credits towards the Applied Mathematics minor.

Statistics (STA)

There is no departmental major or minor in Statistics. Students interested in entering graduate
programs or careers in statistics should prepare by completing the Mathematics major that
includes the sequence STA 347-348. It is also recommended that students also take STA 201-

201. Statistical Methods I
Elementary study of describing data. Data collection, descriptive statistics, estimation, and
hypothesis testing as applied to one- and two-variable problems. Prerequisites: Two years of
high school algebra, and a writing designated course (W) (Mathematics)

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