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projective geometries, finite geometries, coordinates and transformations, tilings, and higher-
dimensional objects. Alternate years. Prerequisite: MAT 221.

234. Complex Variables
Differential and integral calculus of functions of one complex variable. Analytic and harmonic
functions, contour integration, Laurent series, residue theory, and conformal mapping.
Alternate years. Prerequisite:MAT 122.

236. Differential Equations
This course is about how to predict the future. Mathematical modeling with differential
equations, initial value problems and their approximate solutions, systems of differential
equations, qualitative solutions, stability analysis and an introduction to chaos, and Laplace
transforms. Prerequisites: MAT 122 & 221.

255-260. Topics in Mathematics
A topic of mathematics more computationally oriented than proof oriented. See Topics Courses.
Prerequisite: MAT 122 and/or 221.

280/380. Internship: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent Study
Courses 280/380.

290/390. Individual Project: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent
Study Courses 290/390.

327-328. Modern Algebra I and II
Formal systems of algebra (groups, rings, integral domains, and fields) and their relations to
other disciplines. Prerequisite: MAT 221. Alternate years.

337-338. Analysis I and II
Topics from the theory of functions of a real variable. First term will include limits and
continuity, differentiation and theories of integration. Second term will extend these results to
sequences and series of functions. The second term will include student reading projects and
presentations on theory and/or applications related to analysis topics. Prerequisites: MAT 122
and 221. Alternate years.

357. Applied Mathematics I
This course offers an introduction to several advanced skills and techniques used in applied
mathematics including: development of mathematical models; dimensional analysis;
perturbation theory; calculus of variations; discrete/stochastic models; and linear
programming. Applications taken from across a broad range of disciplines. Prerequisite: MAT

358. Applied Mathematics II
This course explores the mathematics behind phenomena that occur in several dimensions.
Topics include partial differential equations including the heat equation, Poisson equation and
wave equations; Fourier Series; vector calculus, Sturm-Louisville theory, and numerical
methods as appropriate. Applications taken from across a broad range of disciplines. It is not
necessary to have taken MAT 357, Applied Mathematics I, prior to this course. Prerequisite:
MAT 236.

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