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111. Foundations of Kinesiology
Historical and philosophical foundation of physical education. Current issues in research and
literature. Biological, physiological, and sociological aspects of sport and exercise. Not open to
seniors without permission of instructor.

205. Coaching Endorsement or Authorization
Structure and function of the human body during physical activity. Knowledge and
understanding of human growth and development of children in relation to physical activity.
Athletic conditioning, theory of coaching interscholastic athletics, professional ethics, and legal
responsibility. Combined with KIN 237, this course meets the requirement for an Iowa Coaching
Endorsement for Education majors and Coaching Authorization for all other students.

206. Exercise Psychology
Examination of theory, current research, and applications of psychological processes and
behaviors related to physical activity. Topics include psychological and emotional effects of
exercise, motivation for fitness, factors in exercise avoidance, adoption, and adherence, exercise
addiction, and cognitive and behavioral change strategies for exercise compliance, and
consideration of gender, ethnicity, and special needs populations. Not open to seniors without

permission of instructor. (Social Science)

207. Systems Physiology
Fundamental study of the complementarity of human anatomical structure and physiological
function of the integumentary, endocrine, nervous, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, and
renal systems. Special emphasis on development of a mechanistic understanding of organ
system function and integrated physiological function across systems to promote homeostatic
regulation in the human body. Inclusion of experiential learning through laboratory activities.

Prerequisite: sophomore standing. Cross Listed as BIO 207. (Laboratory Science)

212. Sports and American Society
Exploration of the impact of amateur and professional sports on the American way of life.
Sample topics include women in sports, sports and the African-American community, sports as
big business, and the relationship between sport and education. Readings reflecting a variety of
viewpoints about the role of sports in American society will be selected from contemporary

literature. (Social Science)

215. Psychology of Sport
Theory and issues related to psychological aspects of competitive sport contexts. Personality and
sport, attentional control, anxiety and performance, motivation and attributions, aggression in
sport, and team cohesion. Intervention strategies for performance enhancement. (Social


220. Ancient Greek Athletics
Study of the origins and functions of competitive athletics in ancient Greece. Traditional athletic
events are studied in detail and special emphasis is placed on the festivals at Olympia, Delphi,
Nemea, Isthmia, and Athens. Reflections on athletics' connection to ancient Greek culture, arts,
and religion. Alternate years.

237. Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
Prevention and treatment of athletic injuries, taping experience, understanding the principles of
athletic training, and first aid and emergency care.

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