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1. Students wishing to file a grievance against Cornell College may do so by completing
    the online Student Grievance Form. Students can also file a grievance by speaking
    with one of the following, designated personnel and completing a Student Grievance
         • Academic concerns: Registrar
         • Student Affairs concerns: Dean of Students
         • Financial/billing concerns: Controller
         • Enrollment/Financial Aid concerns: Director of Admission Operations
    Students’ confidentiality will be protected within reason, but officials of the College
    may require access to students’ educational records in order to fully investigate the
    grievance. Students who are initiating a grievance against Cornell College must
    authorize release of information necessary to investigate the grievance.

2. The student will receive, within 5 business days, a written response from the
    designated personnel relevant to their grievance, including a determination of
    whether the issue/incident constitutes a grievance according to Cornell College’s
    policy and definition. If the issue/incident submitted does not constitute a grievance
    according to Cornell College’s policy and definition, the student will be informed in
    writing, and the College process will be considered concluded.

3. If the issue/incident submitted constitutes a grievance, according to Cornell College’s
    policy and definition, the designated personnel will meet with the student and any
    other relevant parties to discuss the issue/incident which led to the filing of the
    grievance. Any meetings pertaining to the investigation of the grievance will be
    conducted as quickly as possible and generally will be concluded within 10 business
    days of the determination of a grievance.

4. The designated personnel, in consultation with the appropriate Vice President(s),
    will identify (an) appropriate resolution(s), generally within 10 business days of the
    close of the investigation. The designated personnel will inform the student in
    writing of the resolution(s). Decisions regarding resolutions are not subject to
    internal appeal.

5. The entire process will generally be concluded within 30 business days of the initial
    receipt of the grievance.

6. Students have the right to obtain legal counsel.

Grievances Addressed to External Agencies

If a student believes that the College’s administrative procedures outlined above have not
adequately addressed concerns identified under the Program Integrity Rule, they may
pursue an external process. Students may file a grievance against the College with
relevant state and federal agencies including, but not limited to, the Higher Learning
Commission, the Iowa College Student Aid Commission, the Iowa Attorney General, and
the Office of Civil Rights. Please note that many agencies require students to first
exhaust their college’s grievance procedures before filing a grievance with the agency.

We recommend that students refer to the individual agency’s policies to familiarize
themselves with relevant requirements including filing deadlines and whether they must
first pursue the College’s grievance process.

The available agencies are listed on the following page.

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