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3. Complaints regarding the quality of education or other State or accreditation

Cornell College, as an institution authorized to provide postsecondary education
in the State of Iowa, is committed to full compliance with the Program Integrity
Rule. The College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central
Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Information about the College’s
accreditation can be found at the HLC website.

Cornell College seeks to resolve all student concerns in a timely and effective manner. Students
have the right to file a grievance against Cornell College. Students may file a grievance up to 120
calendar days from the date of the incident. Students may not file anonymously.

A grievance alleges that the College or one of its agents has violated institutional policies,
accreditor policies, federal or state laws, or any other agreements joined by Cornell College.
Grounds for a grievance include failures in the provision of a program of study or related
academic or administrative service, or institutional policies that negatively affect the quality of a
student’s learning opportunities. Grievances fall outside of standard College processes (e.g.,
grade dispute process, conduct appeals, etc.), as outlined in the Cornell College Academic
Catalogue, The Compass, the Faculty Handbook, or the Employee Handbook, and require that
students have already first exhausted established Cornell College processes and mechanisms to
address their concern.

         Grievance Resolution Process

         Any student who believes they have been subject to unjust actions or denied of their
         rights is expected to make a reasonable effort to resolve the matter before seeking formal
         resolution. The student should request a meeting with the parties directly involved,
         describing the nature of the grievance and a desirable resolution. Both parties are
         encouraged to try to find a reasonable and satisfactory resolution.

         The following offices and resources at Cornell College are available to current and
         prospective students for the resolving of grievances. These offices provide specific
         administrative means to address and resolve most, if not all, of the questions and
         concerns students may have.

         • Registrar’s Office (academic concerns): Megan Hicks,,

         • Dean of Students (student affairs concerns): Gwen Schimek,
    , 319-895-4234

         • Controller (financial/billing concerns): Maria Beamer,
    , 319-895-4242

         • Admissions (enrollment concerns): Sharon Grice,, 319-

         If the parties involved in the grievance are unable to find a satisfactory resolution and
         further action is deemed appropriate, students must follow the procedures outlined in
         the following process:

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