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258. Economics of Sports
Economic analysis of various aspects of professional sports and intercollegiate athletics. Topics
will include the relationship between on-the-field performance and economic profits, the
economics of competitive balance, the market for professional franchises, public financing of
stadiums and arenas, labor unions and labor relations, discrimination in the market for
professional athletes, the economics of intercollegiate athletics, and the role of the NCAA in
intercollegiate athletics. Course activities will include a series of data
collection/analysis/presentation projects. Prerequisites: ECB 102 and STA 201 or 348. Alternate
years. (Social Science)

261. Global Environmental Economics
Economic analysis of global environmental issues, with special emphasis on developing
countries. Review of basic economic theory with respect to environmental issues. Policy analysis
of sustainable development, population growth, deforestation, air and water pollution,
ecotourism, international hazardous waste, biodiversity, and global warming. Recommended
prerequisite: ECB 101 or ECB 102. Alternate years. (Social Science)

265-275. Topics in Economics and Business
Selected topics of current interest in economics and business. See Topics Courses.

290/390. Individual Project: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent
Study Courses 290/390.

301. Intermediate Microeconomics
Economic theory of choice in a price system. The forces that determine price and production
decisions of business firms in competitive and monopolistic markets, and the allocation of
resources through these markets. Economic analysis applied to decision-making in government
and business firms, and to clarify social issues. Prerequisites: ECB 102 and junior standing.
(Social Science)

302. Intermediate Macroeconomics
Factors influencing the level of national income and employment, movement of prices, and
behavior of other macroeconomic variables. Postwar economic developments and contemporary
monetary and fiscal policy problems. Problems of economic growth and international trade.
Prerequisites: ECB 101, ECB 102, and junior standing. (Social Science)

311. Industrial Organization
Theories of market structure: perfect competition, perfect monopoly, oligopoly, cartels. Theories
of strategic behavior, emphasizing game theoretic approaches to the study of market structures.
The economics of information. Prerequisite: ECB 301. Alternate years. (Social Science)

320. Women, Men, and Labor Market Seminar
The seminar examines male/female differences in labor market outcomes. Theoretical
explanations will be confronted with empirical evidence. Topics to be covered include: labor
supply behavior and the allocation of time in the household, human capital investments in
education and labor market experience, discrimination against women in the acquisition of
human capital, labor market discrimination against women and the pay gap, and the economics
of anti-discrimination laws. This course also counts towards the GSS major. Prerequisites: ECB
301 and STA 201 or STA 348. Alternate years. (Social Science)

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