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  • Photo of Sue Astley

    Sue Astley

    Professor of Psychology

    Is interested in cognitive processes in human and nonhuman animals. Her recent research involves examination of how likes and dislikes for objects and people might be changed through association. Astley teaches Fundamentals of Psychological Science, Learning and Behavior, Cognitive Psychology, and Memory. Ph.D. in animal learning and behavior, Kansas State University; M.S., Kansas State University; B.S., University of Iowa.

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  • Photo of Bill Dragon

    Bill Dragon

    Professor of Psychology

    Does work in the area of social-cognition and his recent research examines the social scripts people follow when looking for a dating partner in traditional and nontraditional social situations. Dragon teaches Fundamentals of Psychological Science, Intimate Relationships, Social Neuroscience, and Research Methods. Ph.D. in social psychology, Bowling Green State University; B.A., Cleveland State University.

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  • Photo of Carol Zerbe Enns

    Carol Zerbe Enns

    Professor of Psychology

    Studies feminist and multicultural pedagogy and feminist psychotherapy. Enns served as co-chair of an American Psychological Association task force to develop guidelines for psychological practice with girls and women. She teaches Fundamentals of Psychological Science, Personality Theories, Multicultural Psychology, Psychology of Women, and Senior Seminar. Ph.D. in counseling psychology, University of California-Santa Barbara; M.A., California State University-Fresno; B.A., Tabor College.

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  • Photo of Alice Ganzel

    Alice Ganzel

    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Researches adolescent decision making. Ganzel teaches Fundamentals of Psychological Science, Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, and Adult Development. Ph.D. and M.A. in developmental psychology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; B.A., University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

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  • Photo of Melinda Green

    Melinda Green

    Professor of Psychology

    Studies the biological, psychological, and sociocultural predictors of eating disorder behaviors and works closely with student researchers to present and publish regularly on this topic. Green regularly teaches Biological Psychology, Health Psychology & Behavioral Medicine, Fundamentals of Psychological Science, Psychology of Women and Gender, and Counseling and Psychotherapy. Ph.D. in counseling psychology, Iowa State University; B.A., University of Iowa.

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  • Photo of Steven Neese

    Steven Neese

    Assistant Professor of Psychology

    Teaching interests include courses in Neuroscience, Learning and Memory, and Research Methods. His scholarly interests include determining the effects of dietary and hormonal interventions on tasks of learning and memory in a rodent model, and examining the long-term effects of concussion on tasks of executive function. Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, M.S., New Mexico Highlands University, B.A., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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  • Photo of Lisa Janssens-Rud

    Lisa Janssens-Rud


    Has an interest in children and a strong background in mental health issues. She has been a resident counselor for Four Oaks in Cedar Rapids, and completed a practicum at the Mental Health Institute in Independence. Janssens-Rud teaches Fundamentals of Psychological Science, Child Development, and Adult Development and Aging. M.A., University of Northern Iowa; B.S., Iowa State University.

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