• Completed 9 course credits - at least 2 in department of internship
  • No more than 4 internship blocks either 290 or 280 may be counted toward the minimum credit requirements for a B.A. degree
  • No more than two 380 internships may be counted toward minimum number of nine 300 and 400 level course requirements for the BA degree

Arrangement of Internship

  • The student is responsible for securing the internship and completing all arrangements and forms.
  • Arrangement of internships should be complete before the end of the school year prior to the internship. Internship sites receive many students from a variety of college and universities. No guarantee is provided for the exact desired internship.
  • The student should contact the desired internship site by phone or by letter. The intern should make a follow up phone call to the internship site.
  • The student should be prepared to submit an actual letter of application and resume, and to complete an interview.

Time Commitment

Interns are expected to work approximately 40 hours per week.

  • An exact work schedule will depend on the hours of operation of the sponsoring agency, but may include early morning, evening and weekend hours.


  • Each participant will maintain a daily journal of experiences.
  • This journal should reflect thoughts, feelings, and learning experiences, both positive and negative.
  • The journal is due on the last Wednesday of each block.
  • The journal should include:
    • Day one: a brief summary of your personal goals and expectations for yourself as well as from the internship experience.
    • Daily brief summaries of events, activities or experiences. Emphasize activities in which you were involved, your role (observer, presenter), your reactions, what you learned, what you thought.
    • Last day : A brief evaluation of original goals, (noting which were accomplished, changed, dropped or added), summary of main things you learned, what ways course work at Cornell prepared you for your internship, any suggestions for additions or changes to the curriculum that you think might improve future student’s experiences in internships.