The Cornell College Fact Book provides a picture of the College's performance over time on key variables such as admissions, enrollment, faculty salaries and benefits, and financial indicators. These trend data come primarily from internal sources at the College. The Fact Book also compares the College's standing on these variables in relation to the Associated Colleges of the Midwest. Comparative data come primarily from the Department of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). As always, these data can inform decision-making but also should be viewed critically, with recognition of the context and the potential limitations of the data sources.

Questions concerning the Fact Book should be directed to the Cornell College Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

Cornell College Fact Book 2016-17

Cornell College Fact Book, 2015-16

Cornell College Fact Book, 2011-12

Cornell College Fact Book, 2010-11