A Cornell College student works as an sports medicine assistant (an internship) for the Cornell Athletics Department.

What Is Ingenuity in Action?

Your education at Cornell consists of a unique blend of experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. But it’s not always easy to convey those distinct experiences on a job application. Our Ingenuity in Action program will allow you to take what you’ve learned in your courses and use it to make a real-world impact. That’s Ingenuity in practice.

All Cornellians will complete at least two Ingenuity in Action experiences as part of the curriculum and will receive the funding they need to do so. Enjoy it so much that you want to do another experience? You can do that, too!

What will you do?

Get to know what practical experiences you could have at Cornell.

Cornell College student plays pool in a lounge space on campus.Creative Expression

Find your creative voice. Creative Expression experiences are opportunities for you to explore your creative potential. Activities in this category are focused on the conceptualization and execution of creative work and conclude with presenting your creation to the community.

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Cornell College students gather as part of a civic engagement experience

Civic Engagement

Service, advocacy, social activism. Civic engagement experiences are opportunities for you to contribute positively to society and connect to your local, national, and international communities.

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Cornell College students travel to France together for a block-long course

Global Connections

Discover and explore the world around you. Global connections are opportunities for you to broaden your perspective by engaging with people from a culture other than your own or immersing yourself in an unfamiliar culture or environment.

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Cornell College student embodies leadership through his internship as the student football managerLeadership

Cornell College Student Football Manager David Hill embodies leadership in his role inside the Athletics Department. 

Want to forge new paths and inspire others? Through the leadership experience, you’ll learn how to motivate others, explore your values, and grow into a skilled leader.

Discover your Leadership potential

Cornell College student takes on professional exploration through a Cornell COVID-19 research projectProfessional Exploration

Cornell College student Ravi Parekh worked with a Cornell team on COVID-19 data.

A hands-on, real-world experience. Professional exploration experiences are opportunities for you to engage in vocational discovery, develop valuable skills, and be immersed in a professional setting.

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Cornell College student works in the chemistry lab


Practical application for academic skills. Research experiences should emphasize the development of disciplinary research skills and methodology and encourage you to engage with the planning, execution, and presentation of your research. At the end of your experience, you will share your findings with the community.

Investigate your Research options

“I am a resident assistant, so that falls in the leadership section of the Ingenuity requirement, and I also did Cornell Summer Research Institute, which satisfies the research section,” Azenon said. “While having the required ones taken care of is the goal, I believe that doing more than what’s required is advantageous because we have a lot of resources to help us. I am looking into doing an experience that could satisfy Global Connections like studying abroad in France for my French major, or something in Professional Exploration. With our advisors geared toward this curriculum, they can help make the world our oyster.” - Jonathan Azenon

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Discover how to apply for an Ingenuity in Action experience at Cornell and how to participate in the program. Learn more about the process from start to finish–including how to receive your funding!

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Apply for funding

Wondering about how to fund your experience? Make sure you can access the programs that interest you. Our Ingenuity in Action program provides up to $4100 per experience to cover expenses so your dream opportunity can become a reality.

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Questions? Contact us

Contact the Berry Career Institute, or visit our office, which is located in Thomas Commons on the middle level, for more information.

You may also send us an email to: ingenuity_in_action@cornellcollege.edu and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.