For campus and classroom use, please contact IT for purchasing.

Cell Phone Discounts

Hardware/Software Discounts

Cell Phone Discounts

US Cellular - 10% Educational Discount:

  • Go to

  • Enter your name and email address

  • An email from US Cellular will be sent to your Cornell email account. If you don’t receive it, check your Spam or Junk folder.  Your response to this email is required.

  • Once your account is confirmed, the exclusive savings will automatically be applied

  • If you have any problems with the verification on your account, call US Cellular at 800.819.9373

Verizon - 18% Educational Discount (for plans $45 and up):

  • Verizon requires Cornell employees to access their discount page from a secure location.  To begin the process go to our secure Verizon discount page.


  • Go into the 151 Collins Rd, Cedar Rapids Verizon store and show them a current paystub.
If you need additional help, contact Andy Chihak, our account representative
Cell: 319.331.2786 | | TXT:

AT&T - 15% Educational Discount (two different ways you can receive their discount):
  • Go to any AT&T location; give them your email address.  They will email you the paperwork that needs to be filled out. 


  • Go to any AT&T location, bring your Cornell ID or paystub and they will help you with the paperwork.

Sprint - 18% Educational Discount (plus waived activation fee):

  • Go to the Sprint Corporate office with your ID or paystub

Hardware and Software Discounts for Personal Use

CDWG has an array of hardware and software items you can purchase with discount pricing. You may request a quote and purchase directly through our CDWG representative, Colin Morris, and the contact information is:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 319-547-2910

Dell Discounts

  • Go to
  • Discounts can be found by clicking on the "View the Bundles" button under "Dell Member Purchase Program Discounts".
  • The bundles will display current discounts plus the additional member discounts.
  • Once you make your selection, you will need to create an account or purchase through a guest account.
  • During the ordering process, you may be required to verify your educational status by entering your .edu email address as well as a Member ID number. Cornell's Member ID is US3478549.

Apple Discounts (two ways to save)

  • Visit the Apple Education Store at
  • Contact our CDWG representative and request an educational discount for personal purchase. A quote can be sent to you prior to purchasing. Cornell's current rep is Colin Morris, and contact information is:
    • Email:
    • Phone: 319-547-2910

MS Office for personal use (while you are a student/employee at Cornell College)

Each year, the college purchases a yearly Microsoft Campus Agreement. This agreement allows us to extend the right to use Microsoft Office for school-related purposes on your personal computer.

With this agreement, the application will require you to verify your connection with Cornell every 30–60 days. As long as you have an active Cornell College email account, you will have full access to the application. On graduating from Cornell, you will need to acquire a new license code in order to continue using the application.


  1. Using a web browser, navigate to
  2. Login using your Cornell username and password
  3. Select "Install Office" and then "Office 365 apps"
  4. Once you hit "install", you can continue using your computer until the software fully installs.

If you have any questions or need help with any technical services, please contact us at the Information Technology Help Desk at extension 4357 or submit a IT Help Desk ticket and our staff will assist you as soon as possible.