Cell Phone Discounts

Software Discounts

Hardware Discounts

Cell Phone Discounts

US Cellular - 10% Educational Discount:

  • Go to www.uscellular.com/partner

  • Enter your name and cornellcollege.edu email address

  • An email from US Cellular will be sent to your Cornell email account. If you don’t receive it, check your Spam or Junk folder.  Your response to this email is required.

  • Once your account is confirmed, the exclusive savings will automatically be applied

  • If you have any problems with the verification on your account, call US Cellular at 800.819.9373

Verizon - 18% Educational Discount (three different ways you can receive their discount):

  • Verizon requires Cornell employees to access their discount page from a secure location.  To begin the process go to our secure Verizon discount page.


  • Go into any Verizon store.  Be prepared to show your Cornell ID.
If you need additional help, contact George Erwin, our Account Executive by email at George.Erwin@verizonwireless.com or by mobile phone at 319.331.2786
AT&T - 15% Educational Discount (two different ways you can receive their discount):
  • Go to any AT&T location; give them your cornellcollege.edu email address.  They will email you the paperwork that needs to be filled out. 


  • Go to any AT&T location, bring your Cornell ID or paystub and they will help you with the paperwork.

Sprint - 18% Educational Discount (plus waived activation fee):

  • Go to the Sprint Corporate office with your ID or paystub

Software Discounts

Each year the college purchases a yearly Microsoft Campus Agreement.  This agreement allows us to extend the right to use various Microsoft products for school related purposes at home.  You can purchase the following software media at the office of Information Technology, 312 Law Hall.  Stipulations apply and an agreement will need to be signed.  Below are the current versions offered:

Office Enterprise2007 $15.00
Office Mac Pro 2004 $9.00
Office Mac Standard 2011 $15.00
Windows Ultimate 7 32bit UPGRADE $15.00
Windows Ultimate 7 64bit UPGRADE $15.00
Office 2010 $15.00
Office Pro Plus 2013 $15.00

Hardware Discounts

To receive discounts through Dell:

  • Go to www.dell.com/edubuy

  • Enter our Member ID US3478549

  • Complete the selection and order process online.

To receive discounts through Apple:

  • Go online to www.applestore.com

  • Page down to the bottom and select Education Store

  • Enter Cornell College in the Search field

  • Complete the selection and order process online.

To receive discounts through CDW Government:

  • Go to www.CDWG.com and find item

  • Forward item information to our sale contact,  Eddy Gnadt,  for an official quote:

    • eddygna@cdwg.com  or

    • Work Phone: (312) 705-4778

If you have any questions about the employee discounts, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at extension 4357.