Contact the Cornell College Human Resources Department for information on the following services:

Employment & Recruiting Services

Cornell College seeks to hire the best candidate for each job opening, always keeping in mind affirmative action and employment law. The hiring manager works with Human Resources to request a replacement or new position. New positions must be approved through the President's Council. Once a position is approved, internal job postings and external advertising are coordinated through the Human Resources. Resumes and applications are processed and provided to the hiring manager. The hiring manager and/or search committee will recommend to Human Resources, their desired candidate. Salary offers are the joint responsibility of the hiring manager and Human Resources (in conjunction with the division vice president). Job offer letters are completed by Human Resources.


  • Job postings for position openings and external advertising - coordinated through the Human Resources Office
  • Salary offers are joint responsibility of hiring manager, Human Resources and divisional vice president
  • New Hire paperwork completion - meeting set up between Human Resources and new employee
    • W-4 forms, I-9 forms, benefit enrollment, policy overviews and waivers

Employee Benefits

Cornell College seeks to provide a market competitive benefits program in order to recruit and retain qualified employees.

Working in conjunction with the fringe benefits committee (faculty & staff), annually the benefits program is reviewed and recommendations for change are made to the President. Changes are implemented and coordinated through Human Resources.

  • Enrollment and change requests
  • Benefit questions and inquiries
  • Administration of health, dental, vision, life, LTD, travel, supplemental life & accidental death/dismemberment insurance, flexible spending accounts, retirement plans and employee assistance program
  • COBRA administration

Compensation & Payroll Services

The compensation program is designed to recruit and retain qualified employees to Cornell College. Cornell strives to provide a market competitive compensation plan. Annually, typically in the Fall, compensation is reviewed and changes may be made. It is the responsibility of the divisional vice presidents to request a job review when a job has changed substantially.

Payroll services are the joint responsibility of Human Resources and Division of Business and Enterprise Services. Human Resources inputs new hire data and compensation and benefits changes. The Payroll Coordinator processes timecards and issues paychecks.

  • Classification regarding benefits eligibility of administrative, support staff, faculty, professional and maintenance personnel
  • Payroll processing
  • Paycheck direct deposits
  • Tax withholding changes

Employee Relations

Cornell College strives to maintain a positive work environment for all. When conflicts can not be easily resolved, human resources will assist.

  • Employee relations and conflict resolution

Miscellaneous Services

  • Leave management - family and medical leave (FMLA); sick and vacation leave, disability leave, discretionary leave, workers compensation
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations
  • Online directory maintenance