Study abroad options

The Department maintains a current list of about thirty approved programs. Students can go for two months or for an entire year. Most students go during their junior year, and after they have had German 301. Recent choices for a program abroad have been the Goethe Institute language courses and the junior year abroad programs run by Central College in Vienna. There are also programs in business German and programs with internships.

These are all programs for study during the academic year and are recommended by the German Section of the Department of Classical and Modern Languages at Cornell College. Except as noted, all the courses in these programs are taught in German.

Language programs

Programs that primarily or exclusively focus on German language training.

  • Goethe-Institut
    Courses can last one month, two months or four months The Goethe Institute schedule is completely compatible with Cornell's One Course At A Time calendar.

Business programs

Programs that specialize in business training, often with an internship component.

Regular programs

Semester or year-long programs in many courses and fields, listed in alphabetical order.

Additional programs in English

  • School for International Training in Berlin
    This is a one-semester experiential program in which you live with a German family in Berlin for eight weeks, visit other sites, do a research project. You are not a student at a university. No prior knowledge of German required. Four course credits. Cornell students have been going on SIT programs since the 1950's. It used to be called the Experiment in International Living. See the Cornell Catalogue for more details.
  • CIIE Work Abroad
    For a small fee (currently $200) CIIE gives you your "green card" and a list of potential employers. There is also a required one-week orientation in Bonn, Berlin or Frankfurt/Main. You may then work in Germany for three months during the summer or for six months during the rest of the year. Intermediate-level German (GER 205) is a prerequisite. The more German you know, the more elegant type of job you may find. The program claims that the average search time for a job is 8-9 days. Several thousand students use CIIE every year for employment in Germany, Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, and other countries. To my knowledge, no Cornell student has done this CIIE program in the last few years. Students in earlier years did have an excellent experience.