Incoming shipment receiving guidelines - Via common carrier/UPS/FED-X 

This pertains only to shipments that are delivered to Facility Services that require forklift assistance to unload or are delivered by semi-trailer. 

  1. Facility Services must be notified by email (kclfton & by the requisitioning department with a contact name on the same day the order is placed.  A copy of the invoice including a description of the articles ordered and any special markings must accompany the notification.
  2. Please email Facility Services as soon as the company confirms the order with the carrier and/or seller and include;
    1. Seller name
    2. Carrier name
    3. Shipping date
    4.  Approximate receiving date – please update if any change in delivery date.
    5.  Tracking number
    6. Approximate weight
    7. Please provide seller/carrier with the contact number for Facility Services (319.895.4133) for the arrangement of final delivery.  Receiving hours are 7:30 am-12:00pm & 12:30pm- 3:30 pm.

Your assistance in providing this information to us in a timely manner will help us determine the contents of the incoming shipment for verification of the receiving ticket.

  1. If obvious or concealed damage is discovered in the inspection, Facility Services personnel will arrange for a damage inspection report to be completed by carrier.
  2. If the receiving inspection reveals a reason to suspect concealed damage, the requisitioning department will be notified so that you can do an immediate inspection at Facility Services.
  3. After the receiving inspection Facility Services will deliver parcels to the recipients campus address within 1-2 days of receipt.
  4. The requisitioning department must make the final decision as the accuracy of the order.

Shipments WILL NOT be accepted unless ALL these procedures are followed.