If you know you want to study engineering but aren't sure which degree option is the best fit for you, that's not a problem. You can work with faculty, your academic advisor, and the career coaches at the Berry Career Institute to determine your terminal degree. Cornell students choose from a variety of options, including a single major, a double major, or a major with a minor. That can all be worked out once you've been on campus and spent some time exploring your options. 

Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.)

  • Major in engineering

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

If you have an interest in engineering, you could earn your B.A. with one or some combination of majors and minors.

  • Major in engineering sciences

Bachelor of Special Studies (B.S.S.)

Or you could create your own individualized degree. A B.S.S. gives you the opportunity to design your own degree. Often, but not always, a B.S.S. is an interdisciplinary field of study that you develop with the advice of your academic advisor. You might decide to be an aerospace engineering major, a biomedical engineering major, or something entirely unique to your career goals.