Education Majors: The Education Department has technology available for checkout. A list of the items is listed below with a brief description of how they can be used to design lessons or support learning.

Apple TV


Apple TV isn’t actually a television. It’s a small black box with HDMI output. Its output  might go to a television, or it can just as easily go to a projector (like ones that display  onto a SMART Board). If your projector doesn’t have an HDMI input, you can use an  HDMI to VGA adapter.

An Apple TV in the classroom can be used to mirror teacher and student iPads or MacBooks. AirPlay is Apple’s technology that will stream a live view of whatever is on an iOS device's screen. This mirroring ability through AirPlay is built into all iPads (except the first generation iPad) and all newer iPhones and iPod touches.

With iPad mirrored onto a large screen, teachers can demo how to use an app, zoom into maps, show what’s under iPad’s camera, display Kahoot questions, etc. Students can show off their latest creations, draw their solution to a problem, display their writing, etc.


With an iPad, students can write, analyze data, and present their work in engaging ways.

VGA to 30 pin adapter (MAC)

If you plan on connecting a Macintosh laptop to the installed technology in your classroom, a VGA adapter is needed. One end of the adapter will connect to your laptop while the other end will connect to the VGA cable, which is provided in the classroom. There are many different types of adapters that correlate to specific models of Macintosh laptops.

High Speed HDMI cable (12 ft.)

HDMI high speed cable delivers crystal-clear digital video and audio via a single cable (for use with the Apple TV).

VGA video w/3.5 mm Audio cable

VGA video w/3.5 mm Audio cable is perfect for source to display connectivity for in-home desktop or in-wall commercial applications which require video resolutions of up to QXGA (2048x1536) and support for stereo audio (for use with the Apple TV)

LiveScribe Sky Smartpens w/wifi

A smartpen lets you capture words, diagrams, scribbles, symbols and audio - syncing everything you hear to what you wrote. Your notes and audio are wirelessly sent to an Evernote® account.

Livescribe smartpens allow educators to easily capture daily written materials and verbal instructions and make those notes accessible to students anytime, anywhere.  Livescribe’s interactive PDF “pencasts” incorporate recorded audio and regular handwriting so students can revisit a teacher’s notes and explanations as many times as needed to increase their comprehension.

Finally, the smartpen can be used for interviews. The device allows interviewers to listen carefully to the interviewee’s words, write down key ideas, and support more thorough transcriptions of the questions and answers. Great for interviewing teachers and students!

Hard-bound LiveScribe notebooks and Spiral-bound LiveScribe notebooks 

Small, light-weight notebooks for your notes, sketches, and thoughts when you're on-the-go. Livescribe smartpens only work with Livescribe dot paper.

Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera and Camera Stand


The Camera can be used to take high-quality photos of the classroom, displays, and to record video of lessons, interactions with students, and more.

Also, the camera can be used to create stop motion animated skits. Great for student or teacher-created movie shorts. Also available is the Zeikos Professional Video Stabilizing handle to help make stop motion video easier.