Demonstrates professional and ethical conduct
Demonstrates a pattern of professional behavior such as promptness, task completion, and honesty.
Exhibits poise and reflection in difficult situations, enduring stress, and maintaining stability in the face of challenges.


Develops collaborative relationships
Consistently interacts with others in ways that communicate professionalism.
Shows appropriate regard for the needs, ideas, and experiences of others by engaging in open dialogue and effective action to accomplish goals as part of a larger group.

Commitment to Learning:

Demonstrates commitment to intellectual development.
Takes advantage of learning opportunities.
Demonstrates enthusiasm, commitment, and optimism for learning
Generates questions and actively engages in an intellectual and participatory manner with others.

Reflection and Adaptability:

Adjusts to new circumstances and demonstrates flexibility in the face of new realities.
Exhibits an open-minded and reflective attitude when receiving feedback from others.
Uses reflection to generate potential improvements and apply outcomes of reflection to future interactions.


Actively demonstrates initiative in the pursuit of learning.
Exhibit a willingness to pursue solutions to problems or questions by gathering relevant information.
Consistently uses available resources in the pursuit of academic and professional goals.

This student is applying to the Teacher Education Program. Your observations about the student’s ability to excel as a preservice teacher and, ultimately, as a professional educator, are extremely important to us.  Please fill out the following recommendation.

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