Current groups and events on campus

Our campus groups are inclusive—just because you may not identify as a member of a group doesn’t mean you can’t take part in that group, drop in on a meeting to get to know what they’re about, or help support them.  Contact the group leader to find out how.

Goals of our campus groups include:

  • Maintaining a strong and active Diversity Committee
  • Pre-Orientation programs for students of color and international students
  • Utilizing Mellon Foundation funding to increase faculty diversity and experiential learning opportunities for students from underrepresented groups. 
  • Learning about worldwide cultures through the Study Abroad Returnee Conference
  • Supporting and encouraging student groups and their programming
    • [alliance]
    • Black Awareness Culture Organization (BACO)
    • Disabilities Opportunity Outreach Resources Support
    • Eyes of the World
    • Gender Safe Space
    • Third Wave Feminist Group
    • Gente
    • Annual Culture Show and International Dinner
    • [alliance] panels and conferences on sexuality and gender
    • International Education Week
    • MLK Week
    • Black History Month
    • Women’s History Month
    • Latino Awareness Month
    • Native American Awareness Month
    • World AIDS day
    • International Day of Peace event  

    Past programs on campus

    These events may not be planned to re-occur this coming academic year, but have happened in recent years.  If you’re interested in repeating a past event, bring that request to the Office of Intercultural Life.

    • Confederate Flag Discussion
    • BACO Black Iowa Youth Conference
    • BACO talkback on the University of Missouri
    • Combating Islamophobia event on the OC
    • Mini-MBLGTACC
    • Chaplain’s series on Inter-Spiritual Healing Wisdom on Compassion
    • Cultural Awareness Series for faculty and staff