Hilltop cafe

The standard hours of operation for dining services during the academic year, beginning with the breakfast service on Monday, August 23, 2021, is found here: Cornell.CafeBonAppetit.com

There are two locations to view so be sure to select the one you are interested in.
The Hilltop Cafe is our full-service dining hall that offers students and guests a wide variety of food, from house-made pizza and fresh pasta, to creative vegan entrees and seasonal salads!
Zamora's Market offers popular menu items freshly made, conveniently packaged, and ready to go. Stop by for a specialty coffee, a midday snack on your way to class, or a protein pack post workout!

Please note that the standard hours of operation are subject to change for the fall athletics pre-season, New Student Orientation, holidays, breaks or special events. In those cases, signs will be posted in the dining hall to let students know of the updated schedule. You can also find details as soon as they are public here: Cornell.CafeBonAppetit.com

  • Fall Break 2021 Hours:
    • Saturday, November 20 Lunch: Last regular meal plan meal.
    • Saturday, November 20 Dinner - Saturday, November 27 Dinner: Sponsoring department or pay-at-the-door.
      • Lunch service 10:30 am - 11:30 am
      • Dinner 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
      • Closed: Thursday, November 25. You may purchase extra meals to go on the dinner prior.
    • Sunday, November 28 Brunch: Regular meal plan resumes.
  • Winter Break Closing 2021
    • Thursday, December 16 Lunch: Last regular meal plan meal.
    • December 17 - January 3: Hilltop Cafe & Zamora's Market closed.
    • January 3-January 8: Hilltop open to select pro-approved groups.
    • Sunday, January 9 Brunch: Regular meal plan resumes.
    • Monday, January 10: Zamora's Market re-opens.
  • Spring Break 2022 Hours
    • Friday, March 4 Dinner: Last regular meal plan meal.
    • Saturday March 5 - Friday March 11: Zamora's Market open to students through debit/credit card payment during meal plan gap.
    • Saturday, March 12 Lunch: Regular meal plan resumes.
    • Monday, March 14: Zamora's Market re-opens.