What are you planning to do to RELAX over your Spring Break? Check out some of the following links, provided for your convenience.

Disclaimer: Cornell College does not endorse, support, or benefit from any of the companies whose names and website links are provided. Users of these websites are strongly encouraged to investigate all aspects of their travel plans before purchasing any travel service or accommodation. Cornell College is not responsible for any wrong-doing by any company whose name and website link is provided. The U.S. government has prepared some pointers on how to ensure that your vacation package is everything you expect it to be.

  • Federal Land Recreation -- "Courtesy of the federal government, you can find an indoor source of outdoor fun." (excerpt from Travel & Arts in the 3/25/2001 Gazette.)
  • StudentGuard -- Fearful of losing your passport, cash, or tickets? Think you'll need medical help on your Spring Break? StudentGuard has a travel insurance policy that might be helpful to you.
  • Travelocity -- A website that can search for lowest listed price on airplane tickets, auto rentals, and hotels. Some special package deals are also listed.
  • Priceline -- A website that lets you name your price for airline tickets, hotels, and a number of other vacation items. Read all about the site before your purchase so you are aware of any
    taxes, fees, or other charges that will be assessed on top of the price you bid.
  • SpringBreak.com -- A website listing a number of different "spring break" package deals. Also has some good information about how to avoid scams. Remember to read the fine print before you purchase any package deal.
  • Amtrak -- Find out if train travel will get you where you want to go!
  • Webflyer -- A website that usually lists the latest in cyberfares. It's hard to do much advance planning with cyberfares, but if you have waited until the last minute, check this site out for the deals available for the coming weekend. Webflyer posts new cyberfares under "Deal Watch" each Wednesday afternoon.
  • Cheap Tickets -- A site similar to travelocity. You can search for deals on airplane tickets, hotels, car rentals and more.

It Takes More Than Luck to Have
a Fun and Safe Spring Break!