Welcome/Welcome back for the 2021-2022 school year!

Check out the Counseling Center's bulletin board in the Commons (across from the mailboxes) for information about mindfulness.

Services may change due to the status of the pandemic, so please check back to this page for updates.

The Cornell College Counseling Services will be providing virtual services, including tele-counseling via secure video conferencing or telephone, as well as the option of in person counseling.  To schedule an appointment, call 319-895-4292 or stop by Ebersole – please be aware that email is not confidential and is not checked outside of office hours/when the Center is closed, there are delays with email, and it should not be used for urgent concerns.  For the most confidential and timely communication, please call or stop by the Counseling Center during office hours:  Monday – Friday between 8am and 4:30pm Central time. 

Because telehealth might not be the best option for some students and counselors are licensed to practice only within the state, only Cornell students who are within Iowa and appropriate for this form of counseling are eligible for tele-counseling.  If you are not eligible for this form of counseling, or prefer a counselor off campus/in your community, please refer to information on this website for guidance on how to connect with a counselor off campus; Center staff are happy to assist with referral as needed.

Keep reading for information about additional resources on and off campus.


Counseling Appointments

  • During office hours please call us at 319-895-4292 or stop by to request an appointment. 
  • You will need a webcam or smartphone for videoconferencing, a secure internet connection rather than public or free Wi-Fi, and a private location where you are alone and will not be overheard or interrupted (e.g., negotiate with your roommate so you each have some alone time in your room, go for a walk while talking, wear earbuds to prevent others from hearing the full conversation, sit in a car or a secluded spot outdoors, reserve a space on campus - if you do not have a device or private location the Center has a space that can be reserved when you make your appointment)

    If you are ill, please do not come to the Counseling Center for an in-person appointment.  Call the Counseling Center at 319-895-4292 to find out about switching to a virtual appointment or rescheduling, and to talk with the Health Center about healthcare options.

Tele-psychiatry (Medication) Appointments

  • Barring any changes in the UIHC procedures, tele-psychiatry is available for students on campus/in Iowa.  If you are wondering if tele-psychiatry may be an appropriate service for you, please call 319-895-4292 to make an appointment to talk with a counselor about this.



  • As always, please call Campus Safety at 319-895-4292 for urgent situations on campus; call 911 in case of emergency on campus or if you are off campus in the United States. Find more information on what to do in an emergency.
  • Foundation 2 Crisis Center in Cedar Rapids has a 24-hour hotline:  1-800-332-4224 or 319-362-2174
  • Accessing other crisis resources:  you can find urgent care units, hospitals and community clinics in your immediate area who offer care for urgent mental health issues as they come up.
  • In Iowa:  Your Life Iowa, information and resources about mental health, suicide, alcohol, drugs, gambling, vaping and e-cigarettes; call 855-581-8111, text 855-895-8398, or chat from the website
  • National crisis hotlines and online services:
    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    • Crisis Text Line
      • For Students of Color: Text STEVE to 741741
      • For Anyone:  Text HOME to 741741
    • The Trevor Project (for LGBTQ youth)
    • Trans Lifeline: 1-877-565-8860


Anxiety and National or World Events

Natural disasters, or illness including COVID-19, may affect you and/or your loved ones.  Racism and related civil unrest, discrimination, political discord, and violence - including mass shootings, riots, and threats of violence in our nation and around the world are harmful to everyone's physical and mental health.  Resources are available on and off campus as well as online, including many resources for people of color and those wanting to learn more about racism and mental health as well as how to be anti-racist (e.g., PsychHub, meditations, free e-books). 

Online Mental Health Screenings

These free screenings are made available to all Cornell students and are taken anonymously. The screenings are provided so that you may find out -- in a matter of minutes -- whether or not professional consultation would be helpful to you.

Online Mental Health Screening
This link offers online screenings for depression, bipolar disorder (aka manic depression), anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (aka PTSD), alcohol, and eating disorders.


The Cornell College Counseling Center complements the college’s academic mission by assisting students’ personal and educational development through short-term counseling, consultation, educational outreach, and referral.  We seek to help students develop effective problem solving and decision-making capabilities, in order to make satisfying life choices and maximize their capacity for continued emotional growth.