Congratulations on being approved for funding for your upcoming experiential learning opportunity! Follow the links below to help keep you on track with the various tasks you are responsible for completing before you leave campus for your internship or other opportunity.

If you have any questions or concerns at any point before, during, or after your internship, please contact Danielle Linkenmeyer.

Use this checklist to make sure you are ready for your funded internship.

BCI Internship Agreement - to be completed by student

BCI Funding Agreement (for other funded experiences) - to be signed by student

Excel Budget Worksheet - this is the only accepted budget template that will be accepted with your application. Here is a sample pdf of the budget worksheet

Cornell Site Affiliation Agreement - to be completed by Internship site

Provide your final housing and transportation details

COVID-19 Waiver of Liability form

Complete the steps to participate in the Ingenuity in Action program (2020-2021)


How does the funding get deposited into my bank account?

Link to Business Office ACH Form - to be completed and turned in to the business office - make sure you have your student ID with you when you turn it in. The business office will not accept this document by email.

When will I receiving my funding?

In general, you can expect to receive your funding 10 days after it has been requested. If your experience begins at the beginning of either the fall or spring term, or if it is split between early summer and late summer, you may need to wait longer to receive your funds. It is generally important to make sure you have enough funding for the first two weeks of your experience in case there are delays in disbursing your funds.

If I am getting funding, why do I still have to pay $400 to get academic credit?

In order to receive funding, you must (with rare exceptions) get academic credit for your internship, which means you will have a faculty sponsor. The faculty sponsor helps ensure that you will come away from the experience with new skills and knowledge that will help you plan your future. Though we do require that you receive credit for your internship, our guidelines prohibit using experiential learning funding for academic costs to the college. If you are having trouble paying for the credits, talk to or your faculty sponsor.