Admission criteria

Each year our goal is to assemble a dynamic and diverse incoming class, while paying attention to the merits of each individual applicant. We look for evidence of academic ability and preparedness, personal character, and meaningful extracurricular involvement. We will provide a thoughtful and holistic review of all your application materials, and your admission counselor is always available to answer your questions. 

Application information for:


When you apply to Cornell, you will automatically be considered for merit-based academic scholarships with no additional application required.

Resources for students

If you are a student with a disability, we provide reasonable accommodations in the classroom for students who register with the Office of Academic Support and Advising. Contact our Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising early in the admission process so you can have your questions answered and know where you can turn to for assistance when you are on campus.

Our Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising can also explain the process for establishing academic accommodations specific to your needs, and can refer you to appropriate staff to discuss housing accommodations.