Learning for life

The basis of the Liberal Arts is holistic learning that prepares you for any career, including those that have not yet been invented. Cornell strives to prepare you through teaching transferable skills that are valuable on all paths.

You will learn to think critically, problem-solve, and communicate effectively. You will also learn about diversity, ethics, citizenship, and well-being.

Ultimate flexibility

The Liberal Arts emphasizes exploring a variety of subjects, and Cornell College’s One Course At A Time curriculum allows you to pursue your interests as you discover them. If you find unexpected passions, you don’t have to wait an entire semester to change direction; you can make quick adjustments to make sure that you are pursuing your greatest interests. With the ability to quickly change your course plan, you can more easily pursue a double major.

The benefits don't stop when you graduate

Cornell College graduates are living the liberal arts dream all around the world—still learning, still changing, and contributing their valuable skills to their communities. See what happens after Cornell.