New Student Orientation is led by Angie Bauman Power, Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Student Life. She works with four student orientation leaders, 32 peer advocates, and a range of professional staff to lead incoming students through New Student Orientation.

Peer advocates (PAs)

Peer advocates (PAs) are current students trained to support and guide new students, and your PA is the individual with whom you will have the most contact beginning in August and until the academic year begins. 

Your PA will help you by facilitating your small group, getting to know you, helping you meet other new students, and showing you how to get involved on campus. Their primary goal is to help you make a successful transition to Cornell. Your peer group will meet several times each day during NSO. Your PA will continue to plan activities for you throughout the first three blocks to make sure that you are connected to services, resources, and friends.

Meet the PAs for 2018

Rubi Araiza Camba Alondra Granados Brendan Langmack Rose Sanchez
Sloane Bartelme Jordan Hardman Kelli Massey Jillian Schulte
Brock Cecil Emma Hartman Mitchell McAndrew Roselynn Shimaoka
Isis Collier Benjamin Hewson Jessica Meis Madeline Smith
Kaylee Crouse Sophia Hollingsworth Asher Muse Luke Springer
Marion Dettweiler Jasper Jones Adrianna Pacha Austin Thomas
Will Dragon Olivia Knowles Adam Plotkin Brodie Vieweg
Madison Evans Zaria Lambert Belou Quimby Caleb Wilson

How does a student become a PA?

PA candidates go through a highly selective interview process during the spring semester. Ideal PAs have a positive attitude, are dependable, communicate effectively, and work well with a team. Your PAs are the best Cornell has to offer. They are personable and responsible community members.